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Name Parent(s) Birth Date
Kaylee Ann Marie Krista and Isaiah2/19/2015
Bryan Alexander Ana and Agustin2/16/2015
Dewaine James Tasha and Joshua2/16/2015
Jax Killian Erin and Jake2/9/2015
Honor Rose Julia and Rob2/7/2015
Tucker George Elisa and Brett2/5/2015
Treyton James Jenny and Shane2/3/2015
Kenzley Ann Melissa and Javin1/30/2015
Violet Ariella Nicole and Peter1/27/2015
Payton Terrance Damara and Anthony1/23/2015
Tamsyn Grace Samantha and Travis1/15/2015
Reagan Helene Sarah and Brian1/12/2015
Valerie Jean Serena and Collin1/11/2015
Sydney Catherine Rachelle and Justin1/9/2015
Sebastian William Rosalee and Tyler1/3/2015
Eli Lee Ashley and Kevin1/2/2015
Brynna Janiece Marea and Justin1/1/2015
Evelyn Marie Jaclyn and Samuel12/31/2014
Simon Curtis Nicole and Curtis12/31/2014
Izabella Marie Jamie and Juan12/23/2014
Nahlah Raine Candice and Timothy11/21/2014
Samantha Jo Tabitha and Nate11/19/2014
Garrett John Amanda and Kyle11/18/2014
Teian Alvin Jessica and Jesse11/17/2014
James Raymond Jacqueline and James11/13/2014
Patrick Martin Breanna and Timothy11/10/2014
Ridley James Tayler and Toby11/4/2014
Kyrra Marie Sara and Andrew11/2/2014
Elizabeth Ann Katie and Bryan11/1/2014
Malachi Martin Kelly and Nick10/30/2014
Carson Gerald Nicky and Nick10/27/2014
Blake Bradley Julie and Brad10/27/2014
Morgan Marie Sherissa and Shane10/22/2014
Madelynn Marie Crystal and Jason10/14/2014
Bentley James Alicia and Jimmy10/14/2014
Millie Lori Megan and Daryl10/8/2014
Jamie Riley Julie and Kurt10/2/2014
Emily Joy Ashley and Brett9/30/2014
Matthew John Lindsey and John9/29/2014
Cayson Wolfe Caitlin and Dustin9/29/2014
Therion Dalas Anna and Therion9/24/2014
Lexie Yazmin Palmira and Bill9/23/2014
Kennedy Rae Jenna and Josh9/20/2014
Carmen Victoria Myriam9/17/2014
Lille Alexandra Sara and Brent9/16/2014
Molly Caroline Megan and Bryan9/12/2014
Bennett Joseph Sara and Jason9/9/2014
Dru Karoline Stacy and Kris9/8/2014
Jedidiah Alen'i Ann and Jesse8/27/2014
Adysen Jean Stormi and Dillan8/25/2014
Kaia Josephine Betsy and Nicholas8/17/2014
Cashten Adam Virginia and Adam8/16/2014
Parker Troy Chelsey and Travis8/15/2014
Clay Philip Tara and Phil8/12/2014
Mark Scot Ashley and Josh8/3/2014
Oscar Allan Heather and Jason7/23/2014
Alaina Marie Alisha and Rich7/18/2014
Myka Rose Ariana and Jared7/14/2014
Aaron Jacob Jr. Cassandra and Aaron7/10/2014
Kendal Kae Kristin and Michael7/10/2014
Griffin Dexter Shanda and Brock7/8/2014
Rylan Jonah Amanda and Tyler7/8/2014
Kylie Kathryn Sarah and Robert6/26/2014
Ian Orville Jessie and Joseph6/23/2014
Allison Jo Mandy and Scott6/23/2014
Philip James, Jr. Jazze and Philip6/22/2014
Philip David Tabetha and Jason6/17/2014
Kayden Allen Drechsel and Brooke6/17/2014
Austyn Doreen Olivia and Scot6/16/2014
Landon Robert Laura and Luke6/14/2014
Natylee Donna Kay Kristen and Eric6/7/2014
Sura Richelle Ashley and Jesse6/2/2014
Diana Afeni Leah & Tamon5/28/2014
Taylor Hope Trica & Matt5/28/2014
Olivia Kay Mindy & Pete5/24/2014
Melinda Hope Samantha5/24/2014
Clara Rose Nicole and William5/20/2014
Elijah Allen Stephanie and Anthony5/11/2014
Esta Mae Cynthia and Eric5/10/2014
Daphne Cecile Jennifer and John5/9/2014
Aurora Eve Lorilee and Jeff5/9/2014
Easton Victor Lacie5/6/2014
Callen Martin Carrie and Hector5/4/2014
Isabelle Rae Lee Devon5/1/2014
Jace Phillip April and Phillip4/27/2014
Maddisyn Rae Sha'uri and Jason4/25/2014
Evan Matthew Heidi and Isaac4/25/2014
Hailey Ann Jodi and Travis4/19/2014
Wyatt Jeremy Kimberly and Jeremy4/14/2014
Makenna Kay Courtney and Justin4/10/2014
Koli Lane Jasmine and Jason4/9/2014
Mya Ann Katie and Nathan3/27/2014
Serenity Paige Sherri and Matthew3/27/2014
Avalene Shayah Maranda and Eric3/27/2014
Alexandra Ann Keri and Luke3/25/2014
Aelssa Jo Kjerstin and Robert3/21/2014
Joseph Daniel Christie and Justin3/20/2014
Abigail Su Andrea and Travis3/20/2014
Skylar Brooke Brooke and Andrew3/15/2014
Roland Tredance Jennifer and Brady3/10/2014