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Name Parent(s) Birth Date
Makenna Kay Courtney and Justin4/10/2014
Koli Lane Jasmine and Jason4/9/2014
Mya Ann Katie and Nathan3/27/2014
Serenity Paige Sherri and Matthew3/27/2014
Avalene Shayah Maranda and Eric3/27/2014
Alexandra Ann Keri and Luke3/25/2014
Aelssa Jo Kjerstin and Robert3/21/2014
Joseph Daniel Christie and Justin3/20/2014
Abigail Su Andrea and Travis3/20/2014
Skylar Brooke Brooke and Andrew3/15/2014
Roland Tredance Jennifer and Brady3/10/2014
Quinn Marie Erika and Mark3/1/2014
Joseph Peyton Stephanie and Chad2/26/2014
Olivia Lynn Chelsey and Beau2/26/2014
Lily Noelle Liz and Wes2/25/2014
Peyton Ann Tara and Edward2/20/2014
Cole Christopher Amanda and Ramon2/19/2014
Nolan Wayne Kelsey and Steve2/10/2014
Jessa Ann Brittany and David2/10/2014
JazMae ReNae Judith and Vincent2/5/2014
Ryder Charles Melissa and Benjamin2/4/2014
Cinsear Lee Nicole and Leon2/3/2014
Cheyenne Marie Tayshaw and Kyle2/3/2014
Lacey Lynn Cathleen and Joshua1/31/2014
Hayden Keith Lacey and Joshua1/31/2014
Autumn Ann Hayley-Jo and Jered1/31/2014
Autumn Cahyra Ann Samantha1/30/2014
Aurora Rain Kaitlin and Dustin1/29/2014
Lindon James Ashley and Jim1/28/2014
Dylan James Alicia and James1/28/2014
Wesley William Donell and Cory1/27/2014
Cullyn Jacob Katie and Jake1/26/2014
Dylan Thomas Chrissy and Chris1/22/2014
Johanna Jean Darlene Jennifer and John1/20/2014
Lola Marie Katie and Jace1/8/2014
Jack Dean Tabetha and Aaron1/8/2014
Ellie Harper Christine and Timothy12/31/2013
Eleanora Grace Charisa and Jeremy12/31/2013
Natalya Everley-June Kala and Neil12/27/2013
Johnathan Timothy Sarah12/23/2013
Kendall Kathleen Danielle and Troy12/22/2013
Tegan Thomas Vanessa and Zach12/22/2013
Cooper Walter Breanna and Curt12/10/2013
Samantha Lee Megan and Charlie12/9/2013
Reed Matthew Jana and Matt12/9/2013
Tate Jerome Breanna and T.J. 12/9/2013
Eli Jude Angie and Jake12/6/2013
Gracie Mae Julie and Adam12/4/2013
Brooks Thomas Marni and Andrew11/29/2013
William Wade Leah and Kyle11/27/2013
Mason Lee Breanna11/26/2013
Avah Ann Rebekah and Mike11/25/2013
Jocelyn Vanessa Nanci and Enrique11/21/2013
Karlee Ann Brittney and Matthew11/20/2013
Shelby Lynn Mallory and Ethan11/15/2013
Rylee Sue Connie and Blake11/14/2013
Cason Robert Kimberly and Jacob11/14/2013
Urijah Louis Ashley and Shawn11/12/2013
Jaxon Taylor Paula and Matthew11/8/2013
AriAnna Mae Tanya11/7/2013
Aiden Joseph Jessie and Aaron11/3/2013
Maximus Lee Katie and Cody11/2/2013
Leela Mari Ashley10/31/2013
Chloe Jasmine Katie and Mike10/24/2013
Brailyn Alesha Alesha and Todd10/14/2013
Oakley Jean Sara and Andrew10/7/2013
LouElla-Anne Jane Kristina and Jesse10/6/2013
Ansley Ruth Julia and Kenneth9/30/2013
Abdijalil Aldarus Deeqo and Aldarus9/27/2013
Joseph Donald Amy and Jacob9/20/2013
Emily Shae Alicia and Toby9/18/2013
Coy Scott Stephanie and Errin9/17/2013
Jasmine Eileen Chastity and Joshua9/9/2013
Jence Dean Cassie and Kasey9/5/2013
Annabelle Joan Lauren and Bryce8/26/2013
Sophia Grace Jessica8/25/2013
John Paul Krystal and Reginald8/23/2013
Ariyanna May Samantha and Mitchell8/7/2013
Joseph John Kelsey and Matthew8/5/2013
Elias David Nicole and Devlin8/4/2013
Colter Jacob Tracy and Jacob8/3/2013
Gabriel Patrick Sarah and Bryan8/2/2013
Shane William Amanda and Scott7/27/2013
Sofia Dominique and Rogelio7/11/2013
Bricker Lee Tiffany and Kevin7/10/2013
Grayson Jaymes and Asher Mitchell Darcy and Bennett7/9/2013
Mary Margaret Kati and Joshua7/8/2013
Marlie Jean Anna and Danny7/8/2013
Savaha Lynn Samantha and Joshua7/8/2013
MaKayla Jo Melisa and Dennis6/26/2013
Emmi Elizabeth Christina and Shane6/17/2013
Brody Dennis Carol and Brandon6/17/2013
Torsen Lloyd Alexa and Terry6/16/2013
Aiyana Mahala Theresa and Justin6/11/2013
Andrei William Michelle and Jeremy6/10/2013
Ira Haven Nichole6/8/2013
Madison Bernice Tanya and Cyril6/5/2013
Addison Leigh Jena and Jon6/3/2013
Natalie Grace Aynsley and Ethan5/30/2013
Hailey Ranae Jennifer and Landyn5/21/2013
Gunner Roy Ashley and Josh5/20/2013
Addysyn Dru Satera and James5/20/2013
Skyler Marie LeAnne and Christopher5/16/2013
Brekkyn Lee Megan and Jesse5/15/2013
Rachel Lynn Kimberly and Bill5/12/2013
Vivienne Nicole Sarah and Tyler5/12/2013
Nolan John Swiers Jill and Ben5/9/2013
Quincy Anton Savannah and Isaiah5/6/2013
Zoey Mae Ashley5/3/2013
Margaret Anne Mari and Mike5/1/2013
Donovan Henry April and Robert4/24/2013