Perham Health Foundation

The people of Perham and the surrounding communities and townships indeed know the meaning of life - community involvement and giving for posterity. So much so that this area has developed a state-wide reputation as a progressive, caring, and growing community.

Built on a Firm Foundation

As we look into the future, we understand growth is the key in continuing to provide quality health care. It is becuase of this, we introduce the Perham Health Foundation. The foundation will ensure that Perham Health, Perham Living, and the community continue to grow.

The Foundation is organized into four funds:

   - Endowment Fund - Contributions are invested with only the annual earnings used to support activities of Perham Health.

   - Capital and Equipment Fund - Contributions specifically designated for building and equipment needs.

   - Program and Activity Fund - Contributions specifically designated for programs and activities.

   - General Fund - Contributions that are not specifically designated for a stated purpose or use.

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