The birth of a child is one of life's most amazing experiences. No two experiences are ever alike, that's why our experienced, supportive staff really listens to you to individualize your delivery to make your baby's birth safe, comfortable, and very special.
Our Family Birth Center boasts comfortable and spacious birthing rooms specifically designed for labor, delivery, and postpartum. A separate whirlpool is also available for use. The inclusion of hydrotherapy offerings gives mothers the option of using the whirlpool, hand-held shower, or the noise of water in the background as a means of comfort.
The Perham Health birthing team includes family practitioners, an OB/GYN, and experienced nurses. Doctors care for women throughout their pregnancy, maintaining the same patient-doctor relationship through delivery.

During labor, the hospital offers a variety of methods to alleviate pain. We encourage you to choose the options for comfort that work best for you, or ask our experienced staff for assistance.

To help prepare for baby, our Great Expectations: Childbirth Education labor and delivery and infant care classes are offered to all expectant parents.  Our certified car seat safety technicians are available to help ensure your baby’s safety and your peace of mind.
To introduce your newest arrival to family and friends, you may choose to place your baby's picture in the Baby Book on our web site.

Learn more about our specialists:

Dr. Jaimie Deraney, OB/GYN  Dr. Corey Nyhus, Family Medicine                   


Dr. Illene Reed, Family Medicine Dr. Andrea Westby, Family Medicine